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It's going to be an exciting 2015 Concert Season at the Toyota Amphitheatre!

Train, Picasso at the Wheel Thursday, May 21, 7:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. - Karna-Lisa Aucoin    
Brad Paisley, Crushin It Friday, June 12, 7:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. - Matthew Chapman, Rob Shelby   Comp request by Robert and Loretta Glass, Ronda Campton
Nickelback, No Fixed Address - CANCELLED Tuesday, June 23, 7:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. - Michelle Ridgeway, Amber Lema Matthew Chapman Comp request by Matthew Chapman
Lady Antebellum, Wheels Up Thursday, June 25, 7:00 p.m. 5:30 p.m. - Matthew Chapman, Karna-Lisa Aucoin   Comp request by Ronda Campton

Boys of Zummer, Fall Out Boy/Wiz Khalifa
Wednesday, August 5, 7:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. - Amber Lema   Comp request by Matthew Chapman
Kelly Clarkson/Pentatonix Friday, August 21, 6:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.- Loretta Glass, Lori Danby Rob Shelby, Karna-Lisa Aucoin  

Dierks Bentley, Sounds of Summer
August 22, 7:00 p.m. 5:30 p.m. - Rob Shelby, Lori Danby   Comp request by Karna-Lisa Aucoin
Florida Georgia Line, Anything Goes  POSSIBLY NO COMP Friday, August 28, 7:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m.- Karna-Lisa Aucoin, Amber Lema
Kid Rock, First Kiss: Cheap Date NO COMP Wednesday, September 2, 6:45 p.m. 5:00 p.m. - Rob Shelby, Matthew Chapman Lori Danby  
Tim McGraw  POSSIBLY NO COMP Thursday, September 17, 7:00 p.m. 5:30 p.m. - Karna-Lisa Aucoin, Amber Lema Robert Glass  
Luke Bryan: NO COMP Thursday, October 15, 2015 6:00 p.m. - Rob Shelby Karna-Lisa Aucoin  
Air Show Saturday, October 17 10 a.m. - Ronda Campton

1 p.m. - Lori Danby, Loretta Glass
Robert Glass  



Air Show

October 17




Train, May 21

Brad Paisley, June 12

Nickelback, June 23

Lady Antebellum, June 25

Boys of Zummer, August 5

Kelly Clarkson, August 21

Dierks Bentley, August 22

Florida Georgia Line, August 28

Kid Rock, September 2

Tim McGRaw, September 17

Luke Bryan, October 15




Aucoin, Karna

Campton, Ronda

Chapman, Mathew

Church, Kristy

Danby, Lori

Glass, Loretta

Glass, Robert

Lema, Amber

Ridgeway, Michelle

Scott, Kaycee

Shelby, Rob

Singh, Christina

Singh, Zach





Amphitheatre Booth Volunteers

Work Telephone
Home Telephone
Fax Number

Work Email
Home Email

Shirt Size

Date Received

Concert Dates

Aucoin, Karna, Health and Human Services 

(530) 749-6773, Cell (530) 933-9154


Church, Kristy, Gold Country Bank

(530) 632-5114




Needs XL

Rec May 24 2003

Campton, Ronda, Yuba College (530) 741-6719, Cell:  rcampton@yccd.edu      
Chapman, Mathew (530) 908-0886


Has Medium    
Danby, Lori (530) 682-3487 ljdanby@netscape.net Gave Large Received March '14  
Delamoth, Jaime (530) 788-4449 y20hang@yahoo.com      

Fleming, John,
ED Coordinator

(530) 741-6280
(530) 7499-7575
Cell: 701-5339


No Shirt



Glass, Loretta, Edward Jones Investments

(530) 755-0118

glass@sbcglobal.net loretta.glass@edwardjones.com


Needs Small or Medium



Glass, Robert, Edward Jones Investments

(530) 701-4299
(530) 755-0118

glass@sbcglobal.net loretta.glass@edwardjones.com


Needs Large



Hall, Nichoulas

(530) 315-4773
(530) 701-2182




Karsten, Sadie Amphitheatre

(530) 743-5200


No Shirt


Lema, Amber W(530) 749-7746
C(530) 902-6164
No shirt    

Steve Paine, General Mgr, Amphitheatre

(530) 743-5200


No shirt


Ridgeway, Michelle   mridgeway@co.yuba.ca.us      
Shelby, Rob (530) 749-7875 rshelby@co.yuba.ca.us Needs XL    

Simmons, Marsha

(530) 749-4943
Cell (530) 701-0290


Gave a new L

Rec August 23, 2006


Singh, Zach

(530) 701-4984


Singh, Christina

(530) 701-5789


2000 Ordered Shirts: 3 small, 6 medium, 2 large, 1 extra large, 12 Total
2001 Ordered Shirts:  1 medium, 3 large shirts, 4 Total
2002 Ordered Shirts, 4 extra large shirts, 4 Total
2003 Ordered Shirts, 3 Medium, 7 Large, 6 XLarge, 2 XXLarge Shirt, 18 Total
2004 Ordered Shirts, 4 Large, 4 XX Large, 8 Total

2006 Ordered 3 Large and 3 XLarge, 6 Total

2009 Ordered 1 XL, 5 Large, 5 Medium, 2 Small, 13 Total

2013 Ordered Shirts, 2 small, 2 Large, 1 XXL, 1 XXXL, 6 Total

2015 Ordered 4XL shirts
(81 Ordered since 2000)


Amphitheatre Information Booth Volunteer Check List

The purpose for coordinating an information booth with volunteers from the Yuba-Sutter Region is to provide assistance to the Amphitheatre’s staff and to visitors who need help finding lodging, food, directions, or other services. Material is provided by the Chamber of Commerce, downtown business districts for Marysville and Yuba City, and Yuba County regarding motels, restaurants, and other recreational opportunities in our region. Laminated maps are placed on the booth’s counter to help orient the concert attendee to the Yuba-Sutter region, and additional concert information is provided by the Amphitheatre.

Basic Procedures:

a.    Volunteers will be directed to the employee parking area by Amphitheatre staff.

b.    Volunteers should park in designated employee parking and pick up an identification sticker (to be placed on the shirt) at the ticket office before proceeding to the Information Booth.

c.    Volunteers should be In the Information Booth at gate opening (generally listed as one to  two hours before the performance begins).

d.    Volunteers should lay out and tape down information to the Info Booth counter as needed and hang a tourism banner.

e.    Volunteers should have some background knowledge of the tourism material, maps, and concert information being handed out.

f.     At least one volunteer should be in the booth through the first major intermission.

g.    Volunteers should pack up material in provided boxes after the first intermission and leave some material on countertops for attendees who exit after the show.

h.    Volunteers should return all of the Information Booth material to a designated location in the ticket office before leaving the premises.

i.    Uniforms: Custom polo-style shirts, property of Yuba County, are provided to each volunteer. Wear with navy or black dress pants and comfortable shoes, no sandals, please. Navy dress shorts are acceptable when temperatures in Marysville reach 90 degrees or higher during the day, remember that it also becomes very cool once the sun goes down. Please turn in the shirt to John Fleming by November 15; it will be held in your name if you want to volunteer for another concert season.

j.    To avoid dehydration, please bring your own water and drink regularly; the Amphitheatre does not always provide water to the Info Booth      volunteers.

k.  Please do not drink alcohol, smoke, or engage in questionable or unprofessional behavior while "on-duty" or adjacent to the Information Booth; your conduct as a volunteer is evaluated by attendees and Amphitheatre staff.

Scheduling of Volunteers:

a.   Two team members and an alternate are selected for each show, one  team member will serve as the “team leader”.

b.   The team leader should confirm event start times, contact the other team member(s) prior to the event to confirm their attendance, and contact the alternate with enough advance time if there is a scheduling problem or emergency.

c.   As new concert dates become officially available a group email request is sent simultaneously to all Info Booth volunteers. The first two volunteers to respond by telephone or email are listed as team members for that venue or time slot, all others become “alternates.” Team Leaders” are selected randomly and show up on the schedule in bold-face print.

d.   Info Booth volunteers can review the events that have been “booked” by the Amphitheatre online at:  http://www.yubacoairport.com/airport/maryswork/Whats%20happening/amp%20list.htm.  This web page will list all of the volunteers with contact information, a status on info booth shirts. It will show the designated team leader in bold-face type and indicate when concert events are scheduled to begin.

Safety First:

a.   No personal threats or dangerous incidents have been reported by any Info Booth volunteers since opening in 2000, however safety precautions are always advisable.  CHP officers and Amphitheatre staff are often in the same booth as the Information team.

b.   It is recommended that volunteers always work as a team of two. Be aware of what is going on around the Information booth at all times.

c.   Be alert and identify police officers or Amphitheatre staff with radios in the vicinity if there is the potential for a problem or altercation.

d.   If personal safety becomes an issue and officers/staff are not readily accessible, leave the premises immediately or report the problem to the ticket office which is 100 feet away from the Info Booth, and then leave the premises.

e.   When Amphitheatre staff is available, and the situation is warranted, request an escort to your vehicle in the parking lot.


a.   Info Booth volunteers receive no financial compensation from the County or Amphitheatre for time volunteered at the Booth during the concert season.

b.   Requests for lawn seat concert tickets for volunteers should be made directly to John Fleming, Economic Development Coordinator, 530 749-7560. Ticket requests are filled at the discretion of Amphitheatre management.

Ticket Request Protocol:

1.   Ticket requests need to be made 10 days prior to a concert event to John Fleming, jfleming@co.yuba.ca.us, 530 749-7560.

2.   Complementary tickets will be limited to two (2) per event, per volunteer.

3.   Sold-out shows may preclude Amphitheatre management from providing requested complimentary tickets; all tickets will be issued at the discretion of management and can be withdrawn at any time.

4.   Ticket requests should be made only by the individual making the request.

5.   Awarded tickets will be available at the Amphitheatre Box Office, hours are 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Saturdays and three (3) hours prior to the start of each event.

6.   Awarded tickets will be provided directly to the volunteer making the request, photo ID is required.

7.   Please do not request tickets for shows you are volunteering for as a primary, secondary, or alternate team member.

8.   To purchase tickets, Amphitheatre Box Office hours are 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Saturdays and three (3) hours prior to the start of each event.

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